Welcome to Laurelwood Aboretum

Laurelwood Aboretum, a Wayne Township public park. This tour guides you from the Knippenberg Center Complex, along many of the arboretum’s scenic paths, through natural and designed spaces and back to the Center.

As you proceed through the arboretum on this tour, you may notice the sculptures at various locations. These are part of A Sculpture Trail, a multiyear project that will feature more than 15 sculptures by prominent artists.

You will proceed from one marked, numbered Stop, or place of interest, to the next.

After you dial 973-547-1750, simply press the number of the Stop, and listen as we describe the place, its history and horticulture.

You can start, stop, or replay the audio clip whenever you please.

To stop, simply hang up.

To restart, redial the main tour number, and you will automatically continue.

To repeat a stop, press the Stop number again.

At the end of each audio clip are directions to the next Stop.

You can provide feedback at any point in the tour by pressing *0